care recommendations

knitted piece in alpaca wool

Since alpaca wool contains hardly any lanolin, this yarn can also be worn by people who suffer from wool allergy.

how to wash your woolen piece

The good news is that wool (and especially alpaca wool) does not need to be washed very often, due to its natural anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties. Wool does not absorb dirt as easily as other fibers and has the ability to clean itself naturally. To freshen up your woolen garments, simply hang them out to air or hang them in the bathroom while showering, or use the steam programme if your washing machine has one. 

Should you nevertheless want to wash your garment, we recommend to wash it by hand in lukewarm water (30°C maximum!) with a mild wool detergent. Dry flat, preferably on a terry towel, to avoid stretching. Under no circumstances should you dry it directly on a heat source or in the blazing sun.

knotted piece in cotton

For knotting we use different cotton fibres.

how to clean your macrame piece

In fact, macrame pieces do not require cleaning.

However, some pieces have fringes. In order to get the fringes back into shape, you can gently brush them with a comb with broad teeth.

To get rid of dust or cotton fluff you can use a lint roller. 

Please note that it is natural for your piece to unravel or fray because of the organic nature of cotton rope.