Creating pieces by hand is an intriguing act. The way cotton rope can turn into a creation that complements the interior of a home simply by knotting turns is as much fascinating as it is promising.

I’ve always had a hunger for knowledge when it comes to ancient artisanal techniques. Crafts that have been around for ages, that have been passed down for generations and left their mark on
communities and socialization. What excites me about them is their versatility in the way that these techniques, to this day, form the basis of contemporary design.

where it started

I first came into contact with crafts when my mom taught me how to knit, but decades passed until I picked it up again and rediscovered my passion. I found meaning in the utilization of fabrics and delight in qualitative and natural fibers.

in cotton wool

in cotton wool specializes in macrame and knitwear. Cottons and wools are the two predominant fabrics utilized, which is how I ended up naming the studio ‘in cotton wool’.

With my creations I hope to treat people to an object that has not only been made by hand, but also with a heart. In short: I wish to wrap them in cotton wool.


The cottons and wools we use are carefully selected as we value both high-quality and sustainability.