company details

in cotton wool

Address: Boechoutestraat 8, 9890 Dikkelvenne (Belgium)

Owner: Lutgard Marius

Contact information: info@incottonwool.be

Telephone: +32-474-13-72-52

Company number: 0760.331.134 (this is not a VAT number - our company has no VAT number)

bank details

Bank account number (IBAN): BE98 7512 1086 3993

Bank details: AXA - Office Marius, Laarne (Belgium)

placing an order

You can place an order by sending us an email or using the contact form, followed by payment of the according price into our bank account. Once the payment has been received, we will send you a confirmation and we will process your order as swiftly as possible.


Goods are prepaid at the time of ordering: your order will not be considered completed until payment of the total amount has been made and the money is received on our bank account. 


The photos you find on our website are photos of items we made. The price corresponds to the item made as shown on the photo.

Similar items will be made at the same price. Should you, however, like a different size or a different kind of knotting , this may result in a different price. Please email us for more information.

All prices are in Euro and exclusive any extra costs (e.g. costs of shipment and possible import duties or import charges).

As small company we have a VAT exemption, so no VAT will be calculated on the invoice.

shipments within the EU

We ship to the following EU countries (see list hereunder)

Price for shipment is calculated as follows:

    • Shipment to Belgium: € 8,50 (small packages up to 2 kg: € 7,25)
    • Shipment to Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands: € 15,00
    • Shipment to France: € 20,00
    • Shipment to Austria, Denmark, Italy: € 25,00
    • Shipment to Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden: € 30,00
    • Shipment to Romania, Slovenia: € 35,00
    • Shipment to Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Lituania, Switzerland: € 40,00

The a.m. prices are for packages of max. 150cm x 35cm x 35cm with a maximum total weight of 10 kg.

If you would like to order a larger package or ship to other countries, please contact us. We will inform you if shipment is possible and at what cost.

shipments outside the EU

For shipments outside the EU, please contact us and we will see what the possibilities are.

returns: withdrawal period

When you purchase something remotely you are entitled to the statutory withdrawal period of 14 calendar days. However, you cannot invoke this right of withdrawal when purchasing customised goods. 

If you wish to exercise the right of withdrawal (not applicable for custom orders), you contact us without delay as to inform us of your decision to abandon the purchase and you return the goods. Pack the goods carefully and provide us with a track & trace code as soon as you have shipped the goods. All costs for returning the goods will be borne by you. Please note that you are liable for any reduction in the value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods.

The 14 day withdrawal period commences on the day following delivery of the goods.

Reimbursement of the returned goods will be organised as soon as we have received the goods.

applicable law/competent court

Should a dispute arise, we will try to solve the problem with impartial arbitration. If we are unable to settle the dispute in this manner, then the courts of the district of Ghent (Belgium) shall settle it for us. Both parties (i.e. customer and supplier) accept electronic communication (e.g. email) as proof.